Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Sri Nanna Paramatmane Namaha" - (By Padmaja, Narsapuram)

During the spiritual discourse at Darmarevu, I first time had sight of Sri Nannagaru. An enlightened soul dressed in white clothes has accompanied the stage. The meeting was totally occupied with peace. I’ve never experienced such kind of peace before. He made us attain the true happiness. I enjoyed his speech and I was lost in him. At once I stopped making decisions with my mind. Then I thought, who else than him can give a spiritual discourse like this? I just thought that it will be less gratitude towards him, even if we make a foot wear for him with this body. He indulged in me a lot of longing for him and at last unveiled his darshan. At the end, unknowingly I’ve fallen at his feet with love for him. He looked at me, and said compassionately – “Dear Padmaja we will come to your home”. It dint strike at that time what he meant by his words later I understood that he will come into my heart.

Once in Arunachalam, we went with Sri Nannagaru to Ramana Ashramam. He sat in Matrubuteswara temple, and I happened to sit right in front of him. Graciously he said to move from the way and sit at back. Though I sat back, I was immersed in peace. The body moves according to the destiny hence changed its place. Sri Nannagaru’s every word is not only for the body but also to pull you into the heart centre. Hence he removes all the tendencies, habits and makes you taste the peace. From then, without my notice I was always pulled into his peace. The reason being, the first acquaintance with Sri Nannagaru at Daramarevu, where he revealed his peace, light, joy, love and compassion and he has fixed the date for the mind’s funeral.

Once in Jinnuru, I went and asked him a God’s name to chant.

He asked – “Which God’s name you prefer to chant?”

I replied – “Yours”

And then he chanted “Aum Namo Bhagawate Sri Ramanaya”.

I was surprised, because I expected him to give “Sri Nanna Paramatmane Namaha”. Do this chanting he said. Hence he revealed himself that he is no different from Sri Ramana Maharshi.


  1. Indeed nanna and ramana are one and the same.

  2. "Aum Namo Bhagawate Sri Ramanaya"
    Thanks for sharing my experiences with all spiritual relatives.

    I hope you all are following the path of Sadhguru Sri Nanagaru.