Sunday, September 20, 2020

"Everything for a Divine Purpose" - (By Dr. Usha Garu)

Within 10 Days after I came Back to Chidambaram from Arunachalam, I had a dream, in which I was walking alone on a hill similar to the holy hill Arunachala. I stopped at a place to sit and relax. To my surprise a bush close to me caught fire. I was astonished, as I was alone with no person in the vicinity and there is no logical reason for the bush to catch fire. ’How come there was a sudden catching of the fire?’ I wondered. As I was looking at it, the fire grew in size. And then I saw feet of someone standing behind that bush.

‘There is no one here, how is it that I see feet here?’ thus wondering I went closer to see who it was. It belonged to someone in pure white robes. Then I heard Jesus speak in a profound deep voice, though I couldn’t understand what he spoke (as the language he spoke in was unfamiliar to me). After finishing what he had to say, he disappeared. Simultaneously the fire also vanished & I woke up from sleep.

Thinking, What was Jesus trying to convey? I walked through the hostel corridor. Shila (close friend), our medical junior was sitting outside her room preparing for her exams. In front of her on the table was The Bible too. So I stopped near her and asked if my dream had any significance & if there was any reference to it in The Bible. She said "Of course there was a clear reference" and read it out and explained the essence to me.

She said when Moses was walking on a hill, a bush caught fire. But that fire didn’t burn the bush, It was just blazing. Surprised, Moses walked closer to the bush. He heard a divine voice from the bush, “Moses, Moses!”.Moses replied saying ‘Master, I am here!’ Moses was told not to move closer than that & also to remove his footwear as it was a holy place. The divine voice said I am the lord of your father. Unable to see the blazing light Moses covered his eyes as he continued to hear. The voice continued, “The people in Egypt are in misery, as they are working like slaves there. I can hear their cries & also their suffering is disturbing. So you bring them out of that suffering. Saying that the light & fire vanished. Moses was a little perplexed for a while but as It was the divine will, Moses did go to Egypt & the Divine will get implemented.

In this way, the Lord chose Moses for a purpose. So after reading this Shila was surprised. She said the whole dream was so similar to the episode of Moses being guided for a divine purpose, so she concluded saying God had a purpose for me ahead or else it’s impossible to have such a profound and rare vision. When I told her that I didn’t understand a word of what was said in the dream, she said as Moses was made to do the work he was chosen for, similarly, I would be instrumental for some Divine work in the future.

It reminds me when I look back today, many years later Nannagaru on his journey back to Jinnur from Thiruvannamalai, stopped at a devotees house in Vellore (Raj Kumar), where an unusual thing happened. He was lying on a cot looking at a tree through the window beside him. There were a lot of troubles to Ashram from outsiders during that time. A tear dropped from one of his eyes looking at the tree which I happened to notice. This caused me so much pain that I cried bitterly praying to Arunachala, ”Dear Father, can’t comprehend why there were tears in Nanna’s eye, whatever may be the reason, let no external troubles or disturbances cause him any inconveniences whatsoever. Please make me his armour!”

Nanna slowly got up from his cot when devotees served him hot tea. While taking the cup he said, “Some people in this world are filled with goodness but less intelligence. Some have amazing intelligence but less goodness. There are very few who have both of these, and rare are those for whom both get balanced. Today it happened for Usha!”. God has blessed her with a balance of goodness & intelligence. She will do my work in future!” 

Within a few months after this incident, Nannagaru made me the president of his Ashram(Nannagaru Ashram) & by his grace within a few years we came out of all troubles & disturbances created from the outside forces. While I was sceptical to undertake his honorary position & was hesitant, with utmost compassion he said: “You will appear on the screen, but I will do the work”. Most wonderful & surprising factor is that he made me President brought me much closer to Nanna by all means as I had to spend a longer time in his presence. I had to travel more often to him & not only had the rare opportunity to serve him but in one period he told me, even destiny should not part you and me till the end. He protected me through all my dealings & he, in fact, became the protective armour for me all through.

Everything drives by his will and the dream apparently continues to connect dots many months and years later.

Nanna would mention, “Narayanam Parabrahmam Sarva Karana Karanam. Every purpose has a greater purpose & that is Lord Krishna. He is the source of all reasons”.

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