Saturday, December 3, 2011

Your nature is Moksha (Freedom)

Moksha implies freedom. But freedom from what? It is freedom from ignorance (ajnana). What is ignorance? Ego is ignorance. What is Ego? One who thinks that I am the body is ego. Therefore everyone with body consciousness is bound. One who is bounded needs freedom, what does an unbounded person do with freedom?

Your nature is Moksha (Freedom). Self is another name for Moksha. Moksha can never be obtained by doing something. You are free even when you desire for freedom (Moksha). Your ignorance is only distancing you from the self. Moksha is within you when there is no ignorance. Moksha (freedom) is not for the ‘I’ limited to the body but in fact moksha (freedom) is getting rid of ‘I’. Ego cannot have liberation but getting rid of ego is liberation. - (By Nannagaru)

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