Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jnani is an embodiment of silence

Only the one who overcomes time and lust can become Jnani. He becomes Jnani who sacrifices himself for the sake of self. Every king cannot become a jnani but when Jnani becomes the king, people will enjoy great prosperity. That is the reason we still discuss about the Rama Rajyam (Kingdom of Rama) till date.

Jnani has no work either in this world or in the other worlds but still work is carried through jnani. Jnani has nothing to do but things happen through him. Jnani has come into this world only to lead the society towards equanimity. It is only jnani who can love this world. Whose heart is filled with peace eternally can only love this world and not by them who always burn in the fire of ego. Jnani’s sight is that of Shiva (self) and ajnanis sight is that of slave (corpse).

Jnani is an embodiment of silence. But as our intellect doesn’t understand the silence, out of grace, Jnani preaches us through words. Jnani need not think of helping this world, but the mere sustenance of his body benefits the world immensely. Jnani never thinks that the world is benefitted through him. If he thinks so how can he become a Jnani?

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