Monday, September 19, 2011

Who is Jnani?

He who has Jnana (Knowledge) is a Jnani (realized soul). He is only a rishi (sage). There are two types of Jnanis(realized soul):

  • Who realized the self but cannot express about the state to others.
  • Who not only experienced the self but also could preach others about the blissful state; they are called as trainers, prophets and aacharyas.

One who finds the source of mind is a Jnani (realized soul). One who finds the source of nature is a scientist. A scientist is waivered by the events in this world but it is not the same with a Jnani (realized soul). It is because jnani never looks at the world to be different from him.

He who experiences the truth is a sat purusha (jnani). In whose presence your mind senses and heart become calm is a satpurusha.

He who knows (discovers) himself is a Jnani (realized soul). Jnani’s eyes resemble the eyes of a dead sheep. There is only one difference between a jnani and ajnani. Jnani knows that he is the self and he has a body, but ajnani thinks that he is the body and has a self. As the sun is unaware of darkness, so also jnani is unaware of sorrow. Our likes and dislikes are the root cause of our sorrow and who overcomes them is a jnani. Jnanis body is a temple. God takes up the burden of protecting Jnanis body.

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