Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jnani's actions are like, New born child's

When we laugh even the jnani laughs. When we weep, even the jnani weeps, jnanis actions are like that of a new born child’s. But there is a difference between a child and jnani. The suppressed hidden tendencies in a child’s heart roar out as the child grows. But the tendencies are completely burnt into ashes in case of a jnani. A person possessing tendencies can never become jnani. Only those who serve jnani can become jnani.

Jnani thinks that he has a body but never considers himself to be a body. Jnani never looks upon the world to be different from him but considers as a part of him. Jnani has no duties to be performed, but work happens through him by which he is never bound.

One who cannot introspect and investigate can never become jnani. Man can never merge in God without becoming Jnani

In the Gita the Lord said – “I love the devotee, I love the yogi” but coming to the case of jnani, he never said that he loves/likes jnani. Instead he said “there is no difference between jnani and myself” Jnani obtains me “When God himself cannot describe the glory of jnani, how can we attempt to do so?

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