Monday, October 31, 2011

Jnani is beyond states

A person travelling in the path of Jnana doesn’t own any object in this world. But a person trading the path of karma owns every object in this world.

The Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) and Kamadenu fulfill only what we desire. But the presence of a satpurusha fulfills even those that are not desired. A visit to a satpurusha benefits you more than any amount of travels to pilgrimages or rituals yagnas or yagas. When an incarnation or jnani takes birth on this earth all the good hearted people are liberated. It is because their hearts are always pure and straight. But the worldly people are always bent aside with impurity. Therefore they can never accept the glory of the holy people (mahatmas). When water falls, it can never fall into a bowl that is turned upside down, but can only fall into a bowl that is in erected position. The worldly people are like the bowls that are turned upside down.

A jnani is beyond the states of waking, dream and sleep. Do you require any evidence (support) to identify yourselves to be so and so? Similarly Jnani doesn’t require any evidence (support) to identify himself with the self. Jnani identifies himself with the self as naturally as ajnani identifies himself with the body. - Nannagaru

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