Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bhakti is a Ganga

Without God’s Grace, none can ever become Jnani. Things happen to jnani as per his prarabdha Karma but the jnani is never disturbed by the gains or losses that arose from the fruits of his activities. The bodily comforts are incomparable with the happiness that arises from self-experience.

A performer of miracles need not be a jnani. Only the one possessing equanimity and love can become a jnani. He is not a jnani who brings a corpse alive, but he is a jnani who lives like a corpse. He becomes a yogi who leads a moderate life. One need not become jnani by stop eating or growing long hairs. A person who is extrovert can never become jnani but only a person who is introvert can become jnani. A jnani looks upon an atheist also as god. He is a jnani who experiences the bliss of deep sleep in the waking state.

Many jnanis took birth in this world. But no two jnanis travelled in the same path to obtain jnana (self). The ancient abodes of jnanis have now become the places of pilgrimage.

Punya (fruit of good deeds) or Papa (fruit of sins) is brought only by the body or mind. He only becomes jnani who dedicates them (body & mind) to God. Earn bhakti (Love for Go) as you are earning money by working hard. Bhakti is a Ganga. The salt named ego melts in this Ganga (Bhakti). There is no mukti (liberation) for those who lack bhakti.

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  1. thanku somuch! for such a nice article.
    every word is true.