Sunday, September 11, 2011

True love is contained only in the self (Aatman)

My Dear Friends! When you cannot bear a single word from others how can you bear the self (Aatman)? What you get in movies or in this world are just feeling. Feeling brings you delusion which in turn binds you. But the true love is contained only in the self (Aatman) that gives you the energy to get released from the delusion.

You are saying Self (Aatman) is the witness for all our actions. But when there is nothing apart from self (Aatman) then for whom it acts as the spectator? - asked Sri Ramana. Beauties of the self (Aatman) are not revealed to you until and unless you go beyond the nature, Gods, the worlds and the tendencies.

Self (Aatman) is beyond reasoning but not against it. This is because today our so called advanced science has not been able to find out the formulation of the five elements in this nature – then how can we expect it to find out the self (Aatman)?

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