Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tidbits of Nannagarus talks (Videos) - Part 1

Nannagaru - 'The Devotion of a Jnani'

Nannagaru - 'Bhagwan elongates us when it comes to I'

Nannagaru - 'What happens at the time of Death and how is rebirth decided'

Nannagaru - 'Any effort made towards intoversion of mind will never go waste'

Nannagaru - 'Meera defines Purusha'

Nannagaru - 'Why is Om Shanti chanted thrice?'

Nannagaru - 'How Cow Lakshmi attained Nirvana without Bhagwan's help?'

Nannagaru - 'Guru squeezes out the tendencies that cant be traced in scanning '

Nannagaru - 'Guru Knows your thoughts even before you know them'

Nannagaru - 'Everything is Guru'

Nannagaru - 'Fame is more dangerous than Lust and Anger

Nannagaru - 'Nobody can change the upcoming results'

Nannagaru - 'Everything including GOD is but only a thought'

Nannagaru - 'Motive is the cause for difference in results'

Nannagaru - 'There is no work greater than attaining the Grace of GOD'

Nannagaru - 'Attachment is the cause of Bondage'

Nannagaru - 'God's Leela and A Song on God's Leela'

Nannagaru - 'Definition of Silence'

Nannagaru - 'The effect of Praising oneself and Blaming others'

Nannagaru - 'The Power of destiny'

Nannagaru - 'The Inner Conscious'

Nannagaru - 'The body and the senses'

Nannagaru - 'Smarthulu (who doesn't see difference between Shiva and Vishnu'

Nannagaru - 'Who is the meditator?'

Nannagaru - 'Character and Nature'

Nannagaru - 'Karma Phalitam'(Fruit of Deeds)

Nannagaru - 'Mother'

Nannagaru - 'Death and Re-birth'

Nannagaru - 'Sri RamaKrishna Disciples'

Nannagaru - 'Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa'

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