Friday, July 24, 2020

The purpose of Knowing Thyself is to earn Happiness

A rationalist posed a question to Nannagaru: 'Why did Bhagavan say 'Know Thyself'? Nannagaru in turn asked him: 'Are you earning money?' He said: 'Yes'. Nannagaru again asked him: 'Did you get married?' He said : 'Yes'. Again Nannagaru asked him: ' Did you earn any name and fame?' He said: 'Not much but fair enough'. Then Nannagaru asked him: ' Why are you earning money? Aren't their people who are living in poverty? Why are you getting married? Aren't there people living as bachelors without any marriage?' He then didn't know how to reply back. He remained Silent. Then Nannagaru replied: 'The goal of Money, marriage and fame is only for earning happiness. Similarly the purpose of knowing Thyself is to earn Happiness'

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Source: 5-2-2008 Tadinada

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