Friday, July 10, 2020

My Maya cannot be transcended without my Grace and Compassion

Your money and education do more harm to you than good. The educated and the wealthy always become arrogant. Sri Ramakrishna said: 'You need not become wealthy. Just wear an expensive saree of your relative. You get the feeling of being a millionaire. You stop recognizing well acquainted people too. You ask them: 'Who are you?' When there is so much Maya within a saree, imagine the extent of Maya contained in this world?' Hence the Upanishads declare: 'If you don't tread the spiritual path as careful as a person walking on the edge of a razor, the Maya cannot be transcended'. Therefore Lord Krishna also said in the Gita: 'Arjuna, My Maya is inescapable. It cannot be transcended without my Grace and Compassion'.

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Source: 25-1-2009 Amalapuram

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