Saturday, July 18, 2020

"How beautiful is faith compared to sadhana" - (By Late Savithramma Garu)

Mother’s words are indeed like the Vedas themselves. She was always pushing me hard to get your darshan at least once. But would my naughty mind ever listen? Grandpa’s death shook me hard. I became withdrawn, didn’t want to even step out of the house. That is when I read your books “Amruthavaakkulu” (Words of nectar) and “Pasidipalukulu” (Golden words). Mother considered you her life. She wanted me too to get in your fold, little did I understand why at that time.

My first visit was at Sakhinetipalli, at Mr. Satyanarayna Raju’s residence. Gathered there, was a huge crowd, and I huddled myself into a corner, quite a distance from you. As your gaze fell upon me sitting in a corner, I recollected my mother’s words. You asked me to come near and sit. That was it! In that very first visit, I became your dutiful slave. You filled my heart with indescribable joy and serene happiness. You said you would come to my home. What an honor you bestowed upon me!! Shining like pure gold, as you stood smiling, at the threshold of my home, I wondered for a second “Is this a dream, or is it real?” Stepping in you said, “We have come to our own home” and those words brought to my mind the relationship between you and me. As I bowed and touched your feet, I heard a sweet voice “Blemish less Guru”. A few years ago, a Sidhanti had predicted, “A great man will come to your house and give you spiritual instruction. You needn’t even step out of your house. You will be blessed.” You made this prediction come true.

You bound me with your love. Awake, sleep or dream, sitting or were with me always, spoke to me all the time. You haunted me every second. I could no longer bear even a second of forgetting you. I always longed to see you. I did not ask for all this. You bestowed this on me and pulled me in.

Before I met you, I used to get worried about everything. Be happy if things worked out my way or be unhappy and depressed if they went awry. I would worry even about a small spoon if I were to lose it. You, like a magician, made all that disappear! You’ve done this operation without using a knife. Now, even if the sky fell to the earth, I don’t get disturbed. You elevated me to these heights. You bound me with your love. I thought I was the sole owner of this love. How idiotic and delusional is this thinking? When I saw you talking with the same love with many other devotees, it made me wonder if this were the way Sri Krishna spoke with the Gopikas in Vrindavan, making every Gopika feel that he belonged to her alone!

I rejoice looking at you.
I rejoice in the way you wave the handtowel with your right hand
I rejoice looking at the way you turn the glass while drinking water
I rejoice in the stillness and peace in your gaze

In the nectar-filled words of yours, I rejoice.
Looking at the posture of yours sitting with folded legs on the sofa, I rejoice
Looking at the way you look at us with closed eyes, I rejoice
Looking at the beauty of your countenance, nodding your head and raising your hand in benediction, as though you were telling me that you understood my thoughts, I rejoice.

I could go on and on forever. All I can say is, there is nothing else left to see in this world, after having seen you.

Shall I tell you how I recognized that you blessed me? Till yesterday was present, this longing to see you always, in my heart. Today, I feel, where is it that you are not present!

How beautiful is faith compared to sadhana!


  1. How beautifully put in simple words!!!!!!!!!!!!
    about the changes that happen in a life of a person when the grace of a sadguru dawns on him/her!!

  2. Grace! ~ gratitude . undying untying Love and Love Alone. Thank You for posting our beloved Sri Nannagaru

  3. So glad to read each word of two wonderful people in my life ...savitrimama was and still is my greatgrand mother reading about her is divine blessing.. she was the rock of so many families... Nanagaru I know why u did all these and doing all these ... 🙏🙏 to you both