Saturday, July 25, 2020

"This is that, that is this" - (By Hyma Garu)

I can still visualize as a yester event, my first acquaintance with Sri Nannagaru, a devotee of Ramana an ardent follower of his and one of my friends asked me to read the book –“Bhagawan Smrutulu” (a collection of fond memories of followers of sri bhagawan – also available in English). It is beyond our intellect to grasp the reason behind the circumstances. After few days of reading this book, I got an opportunity to have a darshan of Sri Nannagaru. On that day, Nannagaru visited Bangaramma’s house. Along with my friend I visited her house. I sat before him.

Nannagaru eagerly asked - Who is this lady?

My friend introduced me to Sri Nannagaru. I couldn’t move my eyes away from him; I continued to stare at him.

Looking at me he said – “She bought the ticket”

I couldn’t understand what he meant by those words? Meanwhile Nannagaru asked – “Which book are you reading?”

I replied – “Bhagawan Smrutulu”

Nannagaru then asked – “Is it good?”

I replied – “I feel bhagawan’s presence, as if he is preaching me, sitting with me”

That is it - my first acquaintance.

Nannagaru’s sight and his words followed me, lingering in my thoughts. Within two days I feel a hollowness in me which was filled by visiting him and my heart was rejuvenated with absolute happiness. I then started seeking his happiness which was boundless, and was only felt in his presence. His presence mellows me, exuberance in the surrounding. I started attending his spiritual discourses, and his words made me think through – “We are not this body, we are self (Aatma or soul)”, these words have kindled a spark in me. I started to remorse the time spent in cravings of life, its desires and the limits to which we go to satisfy the desires of the same. This strengthened my zeal to quest about self.

The epicentre of my life shifted to his discourses, ways of my living have been influenced. Beyond my knowledge I could sense how Gurus grace is working on me. “This is that, that is this”, the one in heart is the one that you see outside in the form of Guru; the Guru is one that who dwells in your heart. His sermons made me experience this. Guru dwells in one’s heart and I stand testament to this, as I connect to him mentally, silence became the medium, my inner feelings and thoughts were revealed to him. He answered my questions from within. Through his kind eyes I could feel the warmth of his love. I started feeling the very same bliss of his physical presence, even in his absence. “Guru is within me – the bliss I feel is him, the absolute happiness and the ultimate peace – this is him”, by recalling this phrase my disappointment of not always being blessed with his physical presence has diminished. I realised he is not the body, I am looking at, he dwells within me as self. This very thought fed me strength of steel.

His presence in my life transformed it to different heights; his words laid a path of happiness and external bliss even in little nuances of life. I started drawing courage from the mere thought that Nannagaru is here to take care of my hardships in life. The need for communication through words ceased. All my questions my mind posed were replied by a look, smile or little words. My life is rolling out with peace and happiness in mind.

“There is external bliss, felt in his presence, which he can transmit even in his absence by being within us”, that is this!!


  1. thanku for sharing.u r so lucky.

  2. Wow, thank u very much for the posting!!!!!!

  3. Sadguru sri Nannagaru iwant to have your darshan.