Sunday, July 5, 2020

About Nannagaru (By Sunil Garu)

Sri Nannagaru is a great orator. His purpose has always been to bring humanity out of suffering through Self-realization. His expression of Self-knowledge was always in a very simple language which was easy to understand and was supported with practical examples in day-to-day life.

Nannagaru always wanted to take the devotees to a sorrowless state. He shared the sorrow of the disciples and gave peace in return. Roger Housden witnessed the same and mentioned it in his book - "Travels through sacred India".

Nannagaru was called by quite a few as a "Representative of Bhagawan" and also as Bhagawan himself in a different form (by devotees). Nannagaru relished the expression of being called as “God of the poor” (by some).

Nannagaru travelled on bicycle to many villages spreading the teachings of Bhagawad Gita and Bhagawan Ramana.

Nannagaru says: "When there is no doership in the activities performed in the world, then that also is Spirituality". He also looked after the financial needs of the underprivileged, and helped many others for higher studies etc.

Nannagaru never wanted to become popular. He in fact maintained a very low profile to avoid getting popular as he did all the required work silently from within.

The simple yet profound expression about the truth (Advaita) in the book Unnadhi Brahmmamokkate has been much appreciated by everyone.

Nannagaru’s monthly journal “Ramana Bhaskara” has always been a solace to many devotees. Lot of joy was felt by elderly devotees in reading these monthly journals.

Nannagaru loved poems written about him by some London devotees.

Nannagaru took care of the worldly affairs of the devotees as well. Nannagaru is the manifestation of compassion and grace. His pure love is felt by all his devotees around the globe.

Nannagaru’s love and compassion is boundless. He treats everyone equally and converses with the same empathy and compassion. His face lights up when someone shares their joy and reflects their pain and sorrow if anyone shares sad news. Nannagaru doesn't let people leave until he takes away all their pain. Several devotees have expressed that they have been able to handle mountain loads of problems with a lot of ease. When some asked Nannagaru to tell a few lines about the Guru, he said - "With the Guru’s grace, problems which would take years to resolve will be solved instantly". This is exactly what devotees experience every day in Nannagaru's Presence.

Nannagaru used to distribute all the offerings (gifts/fruits etc) to all the devotees present around him. He made himself accessible and approachable for the devotees anytime when they were in need.

Nannagaru never cared about the comforts of his body. He used to pay visits to devotees who couldn’t travel to him. He attended weddings to bless the couples. He participated in Aksharabhyasam & Naming ceremonies & many other functions out of only pure love towards the devotees. In this process devotees gained a lot of faith and thousands of them got attracted to his presence.

He never actually cared for the comforts or health of his body. His love to devotees has always been unconditional and beyond words.

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  1. Sunilgaru also a true devotee and done seva to nannaagru.great soul