Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love God from the heart

Aham (ego) means saithan in Christianity. The mind thinks that this body is mine, and has a sense of doership (kartutvam). The body always looks to cling to a form. Just before death also, it crises for a form (such as mother, son, and others). The body dies crying for the form it wishes to cling on to. But once the body dies, the chaitanyam (pure consciousness) inside you does not shed tears. Chaitanyam does not require any form or this world.

Ishwara is the administrator and we cannot do anything without his will. Some die in accidents, a few at home and others in hospitals. All the bodies die in different states. All this is Iswara’s wish. It is he who decides when a person and where a person should die.

God has said kama and krodha (desires and anger) result in unhappiness. Again, he has also said these come from the mind. So to tame them, speaking sweet words will not work. But constantly performing all tasks without expecting anything and abiding by God’s will is required. Do not attach any sense of doership to a work. Practicing to work in this way will lead you to peace.
Shastram (sacred scripture) never misleads you. This life is just like the railway tracks, which are parallel to each other. Following the teachings in sacred scriptures, never causing any harm to others, by not speaking ill about others, visiting a temple every week and possessing steadfastness of faith is required to reach the ultimate goal of life (unlimited happiness or pure consciousness).

Just as one cannot stop a person who loves to read from studying, one needs to have the same intensity of love for God. It is not worldly-wise love, but love from the heart. Never go with a desire to a temple. But instead tell God to give you of what you deserve. He is the right judge.

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