Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pray Mother for her grace

Shiva Shankara, Shiva Shankara, Shiva Shankara

This means we chant Mother Parvathi’s name along with Lord Shiva’s name. Mother is prakruthi (nature) while Shiva is the creator (Purushudu). When we were young our mother raised us. Our mother taught us many things including how to brush teeth. Who is our mother, she is prakruthi. She is none other than Parvathi herself.

The mind, thoughts and body are a part of prakruthi. Even intellect is prakruthi. So, to reach Parameshwara, one must have a strong control over senses, thoughts and the power of discrimination. Therefore, we must have the blessings
of Mother to reach Parameshwara (God). Mother has to teach us to find a way to reach God. Pray to her for her grace.

Lord Shiva is pleased when he is given a ceremonial bath with water (abhishekam) and decked with clothes. Lord Vishnu likes to be decorated very well (alankarana) with a crown. The Sun is pleased when you offer namaskaram (joining both hands and bending in reverence) every morning and evening. Kumaraswamy does not require a ceremonial bath, decoration or a namaskaram

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