Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A real guru brings about a change

Ramana Maharishi may not look like Dakshinamurti or Sri Krishna. He looked like an ordinary man. He opened his eyes and gave self knowledge. Even if you have not recognized him, he was not affected. There was no loss or gain for him. A real guru never craves for recognition. He works from inside. He works in such a manner that even if you have no regard or love for him, he will turn your thoughts towards him. He will carve you out in such a way that you will begun to love him. A guru never uses any actions when he works. He is world-less, mindless and body-less. He is Godless also. He does not require a samsaram. The guru laughs, eats with you, behaves as if he does not even know as much as you know and walks with you just like an ordinary person. All the while the guru is bringing about a great change within you. This is how a real guru brings about a change.

Anugraham (grace) may not be seen or heard by the ears. He does think that the outside world should know what he is doing, as he has no conscious of his body. A guru need not be liberated from samsaram. When he is not conscious about his body, then where does the question of he being released from the bondage of family arise. A guru need not necessarily sit on a throne like Lord Rama. Remember, you may be very intelligent. But however intelligent you are, you can never break away from the bondage of life using our intelligence.

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