Sunday, April 14, 2013

The real house of God is your heart

Many own houses here at Murumalla, Amalapuram and other places. But the real house of God is your heart. Our spiritual heart is His home. The temples out here are temporary abodes of God. God is formless and cannot be grasped with our senses. We have created images of Lord Vishnu and Shiva, so that our mind can mediate on the form of God we choose to pray to. To know our true selves we pray to such forms. Remember, there is nothing more great than spiritual science. All the other sciences are limited to finding out new things in this world. But it is spiritual science that will lead each one of you to ever lasting peace. It will take
you away from the cycle of births and deaths, and thereby breaking all attachments with this world. It will dip you into an unlimited ocean of happiness.

It is only when the real supreme knowledge dawns on a person can that person speak about the immense bliss and peace. A real mahatma is the person where you will get peace in the little time you spend with him/her. A mahatma is the person who can propound a few words of the ultimate truth. In the presence of a mahatma, all your unhappiness will just flow out like water from a tap.

Saint Tyagaraja said a person will never get permanent happiness as long as there is no control over senses. To acquire all worldly pleasures, there is a requirement of money. Similarly, to acquire the ultimate truth, one must be dipped in real peace.

The day this body takes life, on that day itself God decides its death. Jesus Christ said every living being in this world has a place to rest. But this son of God (Jesus) has no place to live. Jesus was emperor of peace. When Jesus was crucified, he never blamed anyone. He was filled with peace.

Mahatmas also have enemies and friends, which is because of the fruits of past actions. They bear insults in a normal way. They never react. That is what one has to learn. Bear insults in a normal way. Never react. Praise or an insult will never have any effect on the soul.

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