Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Start working towards your goal

This world is not real. World means unhappiness. The world is like a dog’s tail that cannot be straightened even with the best technology. Similarly, all the technologies in this world cannot eliminate all the bends in this world. Mahatma Gandhi brought independence to the country. He became a mahatma because he worked selflessly for the country. You may perform seva (service), but in the process you do not know if the other person has been benefited or not. The result is not required. But the service itself will make you a better person.

Without steadfastness of faith or no goal or purity, one cannot know what real happiness is. So Love him(God), more and more. You know what is in your heart. We worship with hands and repeat his names with the mouth. But he is in our heart and is very intelligent and mighty. He knows what is in your mind.

Perform all tasks without any thoughts. If your mother-in-law is bad, God is there to take action. But do your duty towards her. Similarly, if she is good, God will see that too. You have entered that house because of your past actions. God sent you there accordingly. So, do your duty. Why should you be bothered whether she is bad or good? God is there to judge her.

The world is filled with the desire to earn more money. People are after money. They do not know this is an illusion and will just go away once the body dies. You should not misuse your power of authority. As we get our clothes stitched to our size, similarly we need to behave properly in the house also. Never imitate others. If you imitate that means you are not confident of yourself. You have no faith in yourselves. Think individually. Why are you depending on others? You are forgetting your inner strength. Today, imitation has become the norm of the day.

Remember and believe the real peace and unlimited happiness in inside you. The happiness that you see outside is not true. It stays with you for a short period. So, start working towards your goal.

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