Thursday, October 10, 2013

Society has no relationship with rules of conduct

The term society is attributed to a group of people or individuals. If these individuals better themselves only then shall they be able to contribute positively to the society. According to Bhagawan Ramana, unless an individual under goes a self-reform he cannot do social reform.The institution called society has no relation with the rules of conduct. In this infinite world, the society keeps changing with time. Therefore, the rules of conduct also undergo a change with time. But the real or ultimate truth does not change even with the passage of time or changes in the world.

Modesty is the ornament that adorns a society. Modesty gives a person immense strength. What is required is not making efforts to help our fellowmen, but revere them. This is possible only if a person is modest and has patience.

Another evil that plagues the country is poverty. Poverty will remain in the society as long as there is ignorance. If a person lives without selfishness, then society will benefit immensely. This is possible only when the veil of ignorance is lifted. In this entire world, there is not a single country, region, house or place that does not have problems or issues. The reason for this is that both mind and senses are not pure. Performing work or any deed without any motive on the result and with pure love will release a person from the external unhappiness. This leads you to the inner peace. Such work with love and no desire will
control the senses and the mind.

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