Saturday, May 25, 2013

Maya is not outside; it is in the form of thoughts.

An important point to be noted is one need to have a control over food and speech. One tends to eat more, and visits a doctor with various ailments. Our health is in our hands. We do not require a doctor to cure most of our ailments.
Have a restrain over food consumed.

Recently, a doctor told that about one fourth of his patients actually do not suffer from any disease or ailment. Their biggest ailment is their doubts in the mind. According to Bhagavad Gita, to get rid of fear, both desires and hatred have to be killed completely (100%). As long as these are present, you will not have happiness. Where there is love there is a desire. Wives like their husbands. So, they have a desire to make them happy. A wife cooks good food for her husband.
And in the process over feeds her husband.

Again in this world you like money. Money will lead to desires. To satisfy all your desires, you run after money. Similarly, if you develop a love towards God then you would like to visit temples and repeat His names.

So, far we have discussed about worldly issues. If a person’s desires are satisfied then there is a trace of arrogance in him. This is because of maya (illusion). If your desires are not satisfied then you get angry. Maya is not outside; it is in the form of thoughts.

From the mind desires arise, but not from the body. Both thoughts and illusions are in the mind. To attain a total mindless state, the sages have meditated at this place. Through meditation they have killed their thoughts and overcome illusion. In this world, the enemies outside are not dangerous. But the enemy within you in form of thoughts and desires is very dangerous because it will bind you to this world. It becomes difficult to remove the shackles of life and death.

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