Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Sri Nannagaru is a constant guide within us" - (By Lakshmi (Nallakunta))

Sri Nannagaru's gracious sight fell on me during my childhood itself. But he took me into his fold in the year 1988. However I don't know since how many births this relation existed.

When his sight fell upon me, I realized that the non existent mind is troubling me. It has been more than 13 years that his gracious glance fell upon me. I am able to realize that his grace is facilitating my mind to involve in self enquiry without any effort from my end.

Initially i tried my best to swerve away from this path. However his grace revealed me that I am a piece of flesh trapped in the mouth of a tiger i.e, I cannot escape from his Grace. Sri Nannagaru is the Mahatma whose mission is not just to show us GOD but to slowly remove the tendencies of the Jiva and thereby convert us into GOD. When asked about the path, I don't know how the other Guru's would respond, but Sri Nannagaru answered thus: "When the dog(made of stone) is visible, the stone is invisible. When the stone is visible,the dog is invisible i.e, when the world is visible, GOD is invisible and when GOD is visible, the world is invisible."

Sri Nannagaru is not somewhere in Jinnur. He is the in-dweller within us. As we talk with each other, we can also talk with the Guru within us. The speech of Guru is eternal. He is our constant guide within us.

He never allowed his disciples to get attracted towards miracles. When someone said: "Ash emerges from the photos in our house", Sri Nannagaru replied: " Are you able to get rid of your ignorance due to this?" He encourages us to be knowledge seekers.

His Grace is giving me the strength to face any kind of situation peacefully in my life. He enabled me to watch the mind as an object. Sri Nannagaru is the Guru who showers bliss even in the hardships and sorrows faced by the mind.

I didnot surrender my ego to him intentionally. He seized from me without my Knowledge. His Grace enabled me to constantly contemplate upon Self. Sri Nannagaru never allows us to trouble the body or mind in the name of spiritual effort. His Grace puts the mind into the path of Self-enquiry and turns it towards Self naturally, peacefully and blissfully.

Sri Nannagaru observes our sight, our walk and each and every movement that we make in our life. He comes down to our level, introverts our mind, increases our love for Self Knowledge, enhances our faith and thereby brings the truth into our experience. He doesn't even allow us to understand that such a big process is in progress. This is the specialty of Sri Nannagaru.

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