Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Beauty and Power within his words" - (By Parvathi Garu)

While returning back from Shiva's temple in the village of Kommara, I heard the preaching's of Sri Nannagaru for the first time. One day I visited one of my friends, as I saw Sri Nannagaru sitting on a bench. Upon seeing Him, I felt so happy as if I found out
my lost property.

Sri Nannagaru upon seeing me said lovingly: "I've never seen you before."

I replied: " This is my first visit. However I happened to listen to your sermons in Shiva's temple of Kommara. I was in a hurry to go back home, yet I listened to your discourse."

Speaking thus, I mentioned some of the highlights of preaching's that I heard. The same day Sri Nannagaru visited our house. I told him that I had devotion in my childhood and I dont have any of such now.

Then he replied : " The devotion cannot disappear. The suppressed devotion needs to be awakened."
Saying thus he asked me, "Who is your dearest GOD?" I replied him as Lord Krishna.

He then asked me to bring the Bhagawad Geetha that I use for reading. He put back the book into my hand and said," Keep reading this and whenever possible try to come to Junnor." Saying thus, he left.

This was my first introduction to Sri Nannagaru.

I never imagined that the discourse of Nannagaru that I heard accidentally would become the very basis of my life or that Lord Krishna whom I adored would himself take the form of Sri Nannagaru and bestow his Grace in the form of preaching's.

After a gap of 9 months, I visited Junnor to attend Sri Nannagaru's sermon. Sri Nannagaru explained in detail the glory of the Self Knowledge through the verse: " What is the essence of this Life which is devoid of Truth Realization? "

I was surprised of the fact that how can beauty and power hidden within the words, I was enchanted thereby! Whether we like or dislike Sun, aren't we enjoying the Sunlight? Similarly I felt whether I like Sri Nannagaru or not, his words are much useful for my spiritual life. I felt that all these days I filled my mind with unnecessary thoughts and now I should treasure these most beautiful words. I prayed thus: " Oh! Lord, do empty my mind." From that day on wards, He taught me the thinking methodology to get rid of the laziness within my mind.

I went to Arunachala after an year. After my return, one -+++day I went to Junnor to see Sri Nannagaru. Asking me about my experience of Arunachala, he said: " You came here all the way walking in this hot sun. Let me bring a glass of water for you." Saying thus he went inside and brought me a glass of water. Due to the sunlight, you are able to view my shadow. How would you feel if I stop giving you water and hand over the glass to your shadow?

After thinking over for a while, I replied:" Rather than respecting me, it would look as if you are respecting my shadow and have forgotten me."

Immediately he said: " This body is being driven by an unknown power. If you honor your body forgetting that power, How would GOD feel about this? The way you would feel when you stop honoring yourself and start honoring your shadow, even God would feel the same manner when you stop honoring him (the very basis of your existence)and start honoring the body. Don't forget this word." Who can explain us the essence of these words? It is only his Love which has to reveal the same. From that day on-wards, I started depending upon his Love. I understood that his words possessed power to bestow Love and Grace upon us.

Sri Nannagaru's love and his preaching's were attracted by me. This attraction gave me the strength to overcome my weaknesses and thereby made my Life a sweet journey.

The secret behind his preaching's is to take all of us to the blissful state that he possessed.

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