Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The real lord is within the heart

Earlier many used to come to perform tapas here on the banks of river Godavari. It is easy to leave the body but it is difficult to get rid of the mind. The sages used to starve the mind and body. Here mediation means the process to reduce desires, hatred. Control of the mind is important than control of the body. You have to accept the fact that the body is destroyed once after death. But the elimination the mind is difficult. People today must be wondering why the sages had to meditate so much. It is because they wanted to eliminate their sensory faculties. It is only after attaining a mindless state, where there is no trace of sensory faculties, that Mahaprabhu (Supreme Lord) will reveal Himself. The Supreme Lord is Ishwara. Ishwara does not mean Lord Shiva but also means Krishna and Rama.

Elimination of the mind or mindless state will lead to atma gyanam(realization of the soul). Ramana Maharishi used to say “why should one read books…after reading a person realizes that there is nothing outside but everything is inside.” You read a lot of books on various topics, hoping to find something new. But ultimately you realize everything is well within you. Remember the truth is in you and not outside. You go on a pilgrimage and visit many places. Pilgrimages are good exercise for the legs.

Wherever you go the only ultimate truth you have to realize is that all is within you. The real god, who is inside you, is formless, action less and nameless. The real God is antharyami (Lord within the heart).

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