Monday, March 18, 2013

Perform all tasks as God's grace

The person who has the grace of Ishwara can only understand the true self (adhyatma). Reading books and visiting holy places will not help a person realize the true self. Make all efforts to secure the grace of God/Ishwara. Perform
actions, deeds and talk in a proper manner to please him. Follow the scriptures, and perform all actions accordingly. If there is a rule in Bhagawad Gita that requires a particular work to be done in a method, just follow it. Most of you are
not happy performing a few tasks. Remember here, the mind is not important. Just follow instructions and complete the task. He is a true devotee who performs all tasks without being bothered about the status of the mind.

All perform certain rituals and practice mediation to secure God’s grace. These acts will benefit you only in this life. All the benefits from the rituals are just for the mind, and give you temporary happiness. Your love for money, recognition will never lead you to the path of the real happiness.

For God’s grace, one has to perform all the work without any expectations. To master mathematics, one must be able to grasp the formulas and concepts well. Srinivasa Ramanujam was a great mathematician. You need to be a subject
expert to become a master of it. To achieve something you must have a determination to pursue it. Then only you can master that art or subject.Similarly, perform all tasks with a dedication to receive the grace of God.

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