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Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 39 of Aksharamanamala - Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 39 of Aksharamanamala

(A dog can scent out its master); am I then worse than a dog? Steadfastly I will seek Thee and regain Thee, Oh Arunachala!

Oh! Arunachala, am I meaner than dog? When a dog gets strayed from its Master, it tries to reach him back by sensing the odour of his footsteps. Oh! Arunachala, you are my Master. Let me search, seek and merge within you. Oh! Arunachala, where are you? You are within my heart. How are you there? You exist in the form of Self. Where does this 'i' sense originate from? It originates from the heart. There are many people who dont accept the existence of God. But are there any people here who dont accept their existence? Noone gets angry when the existence of God is negated but everyone gets angry when their existence is negated. Everyone of us refer to ourselves as 'i'. But what is the origin of this 'i'? Look into the source of this 'i'. Till then one cannot get rid of their ego, births, bodies, diseases, rebirths, sorrows, anxieties.Where is the source of this 'i'? It is within you. Till you realize this, you cannot come out of this conflict and disturbance. Find out that source. That source only is your Master, God, liberation, nirvana, perfection, peace and eternity. When you find out that source, the i which is limited to the body, senses, world, ego, sex subsides and an unlimited 'I' which is not limited to either birth-death or religion or caste arises in its place. The limited 'i' cannot exist without the unlimited 'I' whereas the unlimited 'I' can exist without the limited 'i'. Whatever you are referring to is not the true 'i'. Therefore you are being asked to seek 'Who am I?' This is pure logical. What other logic do you need other than this?
All of us dont seek for Atmananda (Self related Bliss). We only seek arthikaananda (Money related bliss). If the amount of effort put to achieve arthikananda is put towards achieving Atmananda, the Self gets revealed. If you have to experience an indescribable and eternal Bliss, you have to know the source of your mind. When the mind tries to know its source, it loses its existence. Hence the mind doesnt like making that effort. Therefore the mind states: 'There are several subjects in this world. Try to learn any of them but dont bother me. Every person may feel that he is thinking great. But who is that thinker? You may claim of doing Japa. But who is the one that performs Japa? Ramana says: ' I is the source of all the thoughts. Dive deep and Seek the source of this i. As a strayed dog tries to reach its Master by sensing the odour of his footsteps, catch hold of this 'i', introvert your mind, make self enquiry and experience the Self'. Seek for the Self. It will certainly be revealed. Without knocking the door, who will open the door? To master any science, one should have the seeking to know. There should be an intense yearning. Lord Krishna called this as shraddha ie to know. When there is a seeking to know the Self, it will certainly be revealed. You need not count the foot steps. Even if you walk while chatting with your fellowmates, you will reach your destination. Similarly if you are in the journey to reach the Self, you will certainly reach it. Bhagavan said: 'Oh! Arunachala, I have not become so mean. I have not become totally idiotic. I can do the work of a dog. I will seek for you and find out your whereabouts. I will search for truth and reach you. Oh! Arunachala, I wont leave you. I will certainly merge within you. I will unveil your secret. Whereever you are I will reach you'.

Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

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