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Sadguru Nannagaru describes the egoless state and equanimity of Bhagavan Ramana - Source: Collections from Vijayagaru ( Nannagari pravachanam disc2.3)

Sadguru Nannagaru describes the egoless state and equanimity of Bhagavan Ramana

In Aksharamanamala, Bhagavan said: Mere thought of Thee has drawn me to Thee, and who can guage Thy glory, O Arunachala? Teenage ( the age between 16 and 19) is the worst age. The teenagers can neither think for themselves nor will they listen to others. Be careful with your teenage children. If you take care of your children in their teenage, they will make tremendous progress in their lives. Whether the children will get reformed or ruined, it happens during teenage only. It is in such a teenage that Bhagavan asked his uncle: 'From where are you coming?' His uncle replied: ' Arunachala, Arunachala, Arunachala'. Thats all Bhagavan had the experience of Brahman. On listening to the word Arunachala, Bhagavan was totally shocked. He opened His mouth and stared at his uncle. His uncle asked Bhagavan: 'Dont you know Arunachala? The town's name is Arunachala, the dietie's name is Arunachala and the Hill's name is Arunachala. It is one of the pilgrim centers in India. Don't you know Arunachala? Why are you so shocked?' Why was Bhagavan surprised when his uncle said that he was coming from Arunachala? Bhagavan felt: Arunachala means God Himself. How can a person come or go from God?' Look at the past merit of Bhagavan. His past merit got fructified. Bhagavan was totally ripened. Merely by listening to the word Arunachala, Bhagavan reached the peaks of Jnana. That's why Kanchi Paramacharya said: ' Without any of these efforts - either Penance or holy bath or temple visits or pooja or japa or dhyana or guru-disciple relationship or self study, if anyone has secured Jnana, it is Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi alone. But Bhagavan never felt great about it. Once a devotee asked Bhagavan: 'We are making lot of effort to secure Jnana but you have attained it very effortlessly'. Bhagavan didn't say: ' I am a greatman. So I secured Jnana effortlessly'. Rather Bhagavan said: ' The effort that you are referring to must have been completed for me in the past births'. Such is the glory of Ramana Maharishi. Even if you put a petromax light and see, the ego sense cannot be seen in Bhagavan. Bhagavan's egoless state and glory of Jnana is reflected in this incident: When a devotee said: 'Bhagavan, we have come to Arunachala only for your sake. I have no other work in Arunachala other than visiting you', Bhagavan replied: ' You have come here for my sake. For whose sake did I come to Arunachala? Why did I come to Arunachala? Whoever brought me here, the same power has brought you here. Arunachala alone exists. By whose Grace I secured Jnana, you will also attain Jnana only through His Grace'. Look at Bhagavan's oneness. He always looked upon devotees as His equals. Bhagavan ate only that which was served to devotees. He never accepted any special food offered. He sat and ate alongwith the devotees. Bhagavan was available to the devotees for all the 24 hours. He never restricted His darshan for a particular time. In the last days of Bhagavan, One of his inmates said: ' Your body is very weak. You will need rest. Please stop giving darshan'. Then Bhagavan said: ' You are feeding this body with food like curd rice. If this body is not useful even for the purpose of darshan, why should you feed it? Stop feeding this body'.

Beauty of the video:

Nannagaru defines what is meant by inner circle. Every Jnani will have an inner circle to whom they reveal their heart. Such inner circle are referred to as kitchen cabinet. If you visit anyone with whom you are not well acquainted, you wont go into the kitchen directly. You will wait outside for them. You will go inside only after seeking their permission. But if you are well acquainted with them, you dont seek their permission. You will go into the kitchen directly. For example Swami Vivekanada belonged to the inner circle of Sri Ramakrishna. Sri Ramakrishna said in his last days: 'O Naren, I have given you my everything and become a beggar'. Thus the Mahatmas open their heart to their inner circle.

Source: Collections from Vijayagaru ( Nannagari pravachanam disc2.3)
This speech is probably given in Kukatpally Venkateshwara Swami temple at Hyderabad

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