Monday, February 11, 2019

May our faith in Nannagaru increase multifold.

Many miracles happened in Sri Nannagaru's presence which never got publicised as Sri Nannagaru like anyother true Jnani never gave importance to miracles. However I wanted to share this incident which depicts how Guru saves his faithful devotees.

Today I happened to meet a very old devotee of Nannagaru. I remember that he had an accident but was saved by Sri Nannagaru's Grace. So I just asked him the details and he spoke thus:

'I met Sri Nannagaru in 1988-89. I was in deep financial troubles then. However Nannagaru consoled me in my first meet stating that all my problems will get resolved. One day when I met Sri Nannagaru, he graciously rubbed me with his hands throughout my body and said:'You will come back, you will come back'. He kept on saying this for a while.

I really did not understand what he meant until I met with an accident. It was a very major accident. The Lorry carrying rods came in the reverse direction at a very great speed and hit the car I was travelling in. The driver was deeply hurt on the head. The rods passed just half inch from my head. But for that half inch my head would have been crushed to pieces. The car was totally crushed and I did not know how I came out of the car. Except for the door, everything in the car got crushed by the lorry. Though the car got crushed, I came out of the car totally unhurt. The driver and myself were taken to a nearby hospital.

After few minutes a policeman came to me and asked who all were travelling in the car? I said: I was travelling in the car along with that driver. The policeman laughed off and said in a serious tone: Dont joke with me. Can anyone travelling in that car ever be alive? When few people clarified him that it was me who was travelling in the car, he asked me to get onto his 2 wheeler and took me to the accident spot. Then the localites who witnessed this accident said: ' Sir it is true that this man was travelling in that car which met with an accident. He should have been crushed to death.

Somehow we could sense that there was some superpower that brought him out of the car. Else there are no chances of his survival'. After listening to them, the policeman who was addressing me as 'You'  started addressing me as 'Sir'. He gave me a jeep to reach my destination. Had I not reached my destination, I would have missed an important contract that has resolved all my financial problems'.

May our faith in Nannagaru increase multifold.

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