Monday, February 11, 2019

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 24 of Aksharamanamala - Source: 2-10-88 Palakoderu

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 24 of Aksharamanamala

Blazoned as the devourer of Thy votaries, how can I survive who have embraced Thee, Oh Arunachala?

Can any doctor build a bridge? No. He can only cure diseases. Can you get sugar from a cement factory? No. You can get sugar only. Everyone has their own task. So what is the task of Arunachala? Whoever contemplates upon Arunachala have their ego and body consciousness destroyed. Having married such Arunachala, how can I continue living? Even I cannot live.I will get merged within you. This is not an ordinary marriage or a physical marriage. This is a spiritual marriage. It unites us within God. In the physical marriages, the woman remains as a woman and man remains as a man only. Both the bride and bridegroom have their own separate existence. They try to dominate each other after marriage. This is not an ordinary marriage. It is not related to marriages pertaining to gods also. Though Mother Parvati performed a great penance, even Lord Shiva shared only half of his physical body and not his complete body. It is not such a marriage. There is no separate existence here. Oh! Arunachala, you have resolved to destroy this ego inorder to bestow me with your complete swaroopa. Having married you, can I be left with body consciousness, Arunachala? This marriage is not for material comforts or material pleasures. It is for the sake of transcending body consciousness and securing Self consciousness. All the sadhanas are done for the sake of satisfying the ego. The attempts made to eradicate the ego are very less. The body consciousness has to be eliminated. However great you are, if the body consciousness is not lost, God will not gift you with his swaroopa. So whether I like it or not, your only task is to eradicate my tendencies O Arunachala. Not only mine, whoever constantly contemplates upon Arunachala, you eradicate their ignorance. You have made this as your only task. You have done this task in the past, are doing it in the present and will do it in future. Having married such Arunachala, how can I live? Whoever wants to lead Self related life have to die. Whoever wants a permanent life have to die. Their ego has to die. Only then they will awaken into the permanent life. Oh! Arunachala, you will kill me. It is not to ruin me but to gift me with the eternal life. Whoever submit their speech, mind, body, money and honour and all that which they consider as their own to the Lord lose their ignorance. Whoever know the source of their ignorance lose their ignornace. God resides in the source of ignornace/Maya. Oh! Arunachaleswara,having married you who can continue living? Though I would like to increase my personal 'i' will you allow me to do that, Arunachala? Will you allow to me have a separate existence, Arunachala? No. You will remove that separate existence and make me equivalent to you, Arunachala. When one surrenders to a Jnani or God, they make him equivalent to themselves. This is such a great marriage. It is not an ordinary marriage. See into what depths this bride is trying to reach. See and enjoy this divine marriage.

Source: 2-10-88 Palakoderu

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