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Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 36 of Aksharamanamala - Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 36 of Aksharamanamala

In silence Thou saidst, 'Stay silent!' and Thyself stood silent, Oh Arunachala!

Aksharamanamala- This is not a garland that gets worn out. It is a garland of letters prepared by the bride called Ramana Maharishi for the sake of bridegroom called Arunachaleswara. This garland remains forever. For whose sake is this garland being prepared? It is for our sake so that we can read it, assimilate it and thereby get liberated.
Oh! Arunachala you have asked us to remain silent and you have mentioned this in your silence and not in words. We cannot remaint silent even for 5 minutes. We can speak for any amount of time but cannot remain silent because we are not habituated to being silent. Silence is much greater than speech. Silence is more powerful than speech. But we are not understanding the value of Silence. Many people have a misconception that Silence cannot give a message. Even Silence has the power to convey message. There is a saying in English: 'Silence is gold whereas speech is silver'. When a heart understands another heart, there is no need of any words. Many lives got reformed by the mere darshan of Ramana even without listening the name of Ramana or listening to His words. Where there is purity, beauty and concentration- whenever we see such a person, we will certainly change our mind. We will change our lifestyle and turn our mind towards Jnana. Once RajendraPrasad asked Bhagavan: ' What is your message to Bapuji?' Bhagavan replied: 'When there is a heart to heart commmunication, there is no need of any words'. My dear brothers and sisters, we cannot catch hold of God through words. When you dont have the experience of God, it doesn't matter whether you state that God exists or God doesn't exist. God is not so innocent that he gets deceived by your words. God cannot be reached through thoughts also. Silence is much greater than words and thoughts. By shutting the mouth can we call it as Silence? No. We can't say whereall the mind roams around and comes back. Who is a true mouni (Silent one)? One who meditates in a true sense is a true mouni. Topmost importance has been given to meditation in our Upanishads. Only a true dhyani can become a mouni. Bhagavan is describing the power of Silence here. Meditation is possible only through concentration. How is meditation possible? You must love God. Without loving God, if anyone states that they are meditating, it is a dry, dry word. It is equivalent to a sugarless coffee/tea. Try to increase your love for God. Oh! Arunachaleswara, you have asked me to keep Silent. Saying so, you have remained Silent.

Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

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