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Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 38 of Aksharamanamala Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

Sadguru Nannagaru explains verse 38 of Aksharamanamala

Thou didst display Thy prowess once, and the perils ended, return to Thy repose, Oh Arunachala!

Oh! Arunachaleswara, you have shown your prowess to eradicate the ignorance within the bride called Ramana. Having eliminated the ignorance of Ramana, Arunachala sat down as if he knew nothing. Arunachala neither talked to Ramana nor enquired about his welfare. He did his work calmly and silently. Arunachala conducted this operation in such a manner that not even an iota of pain or disturbance was found in Ramana's face. Arunachaleswara is surgeon of surgeons. Even without Ramana's knowledge, He has eradicated Ramana's ignorance painlessly. Bhagavan said: 'What a prowess you have displayed Arunachala! What a skill you have displayed Arunachala! If you have performed operation upon me without my knowledge, is that skill mine or your's? It became possible to you as you are a Divine being. Is this ever possible for a human being?' Working people never come into limelight. Arunachaleswara works silently and is not concerned with words. Which friend or relative can do this help that Arunachala has done to Ramana?
Once a devotee asked Bhagavan: ' As Srikrishna performed great deeds like lifting the Govardhana Hill, even I would like to perform great deeds like Lord Krishna. Please bestow me with such power' Then Bhagavan replied:'Did Lord Krishna ever tell you that he has performed great deeds or is it you who thinks that Lord Krishna has done great deeds? Krishna never felt it as a great deed. He did it as naturally as we wash our face or drink water or take bath or eat food etc., Great people never come into limelight. All the help is received from them automatically. Thats the reason this world can never understand a great man. It is very difficult to understand either a rishi or a mahatma or a Jnani. It is very easy to misunderstand them. Once someone criticized Bhagavan Ramana in a public meeting that was attended by me. When I mentioned this to Mahadevan garu, Mahadevan garu said: 'What happens if one tries to spit over Sun? Will it reach him? No. It falls back on their face'. As the society lacks the greatness, it can never understand a great man. When you dont have a great quality, you cannot acknowledge it in others. We are so petty minded that we think: it is enough if it rains in my field. It is alright even if it doesn't rain in other's fields. It is enough if I get the sunlight. It doesn't matter even if others dont receive it. Will Sun ever think like this? No. He occupies the entire world. Why? To give his light. This is the attribute of a Mahatma. Why is God expecting surrender from us? It is only to reform us and not to make us slaves. Bhagavan said: ' You have relinquished my maya and ignorance. You have done this help very silently. Who can praise your glory? Who can speak express your glory in words? Having done such a great help, you have remained silent. So who can speak about your glory?'

Source: 23-11-88 Srungavruksham

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