Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guru's ways

A lady (a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba) had a dream in which Baba asked her to follow Sri Nannagaru. She questioned him saying that, ‘He comes to Arunachala very rarely, what to do?’ Then Baba replied, ‘Even if Nannagaru comes only once a year, that is enough for you. Don’t leave Nannagaru.’

Jnana Deshikar got spiritual training at Chidambaram and then came to Arunachalam. He attained samadhi at ‘Isanya Matham’, He accrued about a hundred acres of property for Arunachaleswara Temple.

At Virupaksha Cave at Arunachala there lived a saint Guha Namasivaya. Once he vomited and told his disciple Guru Namasivaya to throw it away at a place where people don’t move around, the disciple swallowed the vomit. He attained self-realisation and the guru said, ‘Two elephants (jnanis) shouldn’t be in the same place,’ and sent him to Chidambaram.

Jnana Deshikar came from Chidambaram to Arunachalam. Guru Namasivaya went from Arunachalam to Chidambaram. These are God’s ways.

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