Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Faith in God

Theism is important. If you have the belief that God exists; fear reduces, self-confidence increases, problems get solved and thoughts and imaginations get reduced. If you have complete faith in God, then there is no need for sadhana. Even atheists have a nagging fear, ‘What if God exists?’ If you think of God the mind rests in the heart cave. Faith in God gives you the strength of a thousand elephants. Even if there is no one else in creation one can live alone that is the strength you get by belief and complete faith in God.

Sabari is a great example for guru-bhakti. She underwent spiritual training under Matangi Maharshi, who on his deathbed promised her that an avatar (incarnation) of Vishnu would give her moksha. Though many years passed she waited patiently with deep belief in her Guru’s words. In the end Rama came and ate the fruits tested by her and given to him as prasad and gave her mukti.

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