Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reduce the use of mind

If we don’t have God’s Grace even our thoughts won’t be proper and there will be madness (mental illness). Without poorva punya (past good karma) we can’t get good thoughts.

By criticizing others again and again our respect is lost and then we don’t become purified or become mahatmas. The respect that is already accrued will be lost by criticism. If we don’t have respect for God, we will feel that we are very great. Although you use the mind to go to the source it is better to reduce the use of the mind. If we stop listening to the mind we will get knowledge.

A person came to Vivekananda and asked to be initiated through mantra. Then Vivekananda told him the nature of duties of a sishya, that he should get up earlier than the guru, take care of all his needs etc., then the man said, ‘It seems to be better to be a guru than a sishya.’

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