Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Three yagnas

Daiva Yagna Meditating on the Lord, hearing good words about God.

Nara Yagna God gave you at least something, so share it with others whenever possible. If he has put you in a giving place you should help others. We study in a school, but we didn’t build that school. Someone else built it by sacrificing something. In the same way you can also do something for society.

Pitru Yagna Our elders brought us up with great effort. Even if they say something, which hurts us, there is nothing wrong if we bear it. We should respect our elders. Disrespect isn’t proper. Suppose our elders give us a plot of land we shouldn’t say, ‘They gave something but not much!’ We should have gratitude. That we exist is due to the sacrifice of our elders.

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