Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Moments spent with him" - (By Gopika)

I met Sri Nannagaru after some time in a marraige reception. I came to
know that he was going to Sri Sailam.

I asked him eagerly whether I could come.

He nodded and gave his permission happily.

I went with him to Sri Sailam and spent 3 days in absolute bliss. I
would accompany him wherever he went and he too was loving and caring
towards me.

I remember that he was very particular about Vruddha Mallikarjuna
Swamy temple in Sri Sailam.

Whenever he went to Sri Sailam he would spent a lot of time sitting
near the sanctum sanctorum. The idol of Shiva here was a linga which
bore the destruction of a muslim invasion.

The linga was a special attraction to Sri Nannagaru.

He would sit near it and one day he said " I like this Old Man very
very much." He would be in a different mood whenever he was with the

Subsequently I joined college in Chidamabaram for my degree. The first
year passed away quickly and it was in the beginning of second year
that I felt I should go and visit Arunachala one day. On coming to
know from my parents that Sri Nannagaru was supposed to be coming to
Arunachala soon, my desire to see the Hill increased manifold. I made
enquiries in my hostel and amongst my friends regarding the directions
to reach Arunachala. None of them had even heard of that place.

It was on one such day when I had asked my friend Sarah about
Arunachala.. She was a Christian from Pondicherry but had never heard
about Arunachala. I asked her to let me know if she came across anyone
who did and quietly left for my dinner.

It so happened that Sarah was ragging some juniors later and one of
them was from Tiruvannamalai. She sent her to my room to meet me and I
was very happy at this oppurtunity given by God to fulfill my desire.

I accompanied the junior girl and their family that weekend to Tiruvannamalai.

It so happened that Sri Nannagaru was there in Tiruvannamalai then and
so were my sisters.

My sisters were conversing with the Guru and saying " Gopika stays in
Chidambaram. If she knew she would have come here."

Sri Nannagaru smiled and said " But Gopika is coming."

My sisters were surprised at this statement.

The Guru got up to leave and went to his room.

It was at that point of time that I landed in Tiruvannamalai and
reached the guest house.

My sister's were surprised and wideeyed they said " no wonder the Guru
said you were coming. Hasten fast before he retires for the day!"

I had taken a bunch of flowers on the way and with that I rushed
towards Nannagaru's room where in he opened it and saw me and smiled.

"Oh! So you have come Gopika." He smiled.

I nodded happily and spent a blissful six days with him in Tiruvannamalai.

He used to treat me like his child and showered me with Love and
blessings. Infact everytime he came to Tiruvannamalai from then on I
would spend the time with him irrespective of my college and studies.

The second time I came to Tiruvannamali Sri Nannagaru along with
other devotees including me went to Skandaashram and Virupaksha Cave.

He was barefoot.

We requested him to wear chappals.

But he said " There is no problem if you wear chappal. But I wont wear."

That showed his unalloyed respect for Arunachala.

In Virupaksha cave Sri Nannagaru spoke a lot on Bhagawan, his days at
the cave and his teaching. The peculiar trait of him that I saw was he
would become the saint about whom he would be talking in a piligrimage

Whether it be Shankaracharya, Buddha, Ramakrishna or Ramana.

He would become That.

That day in Virupaksha cave he looked at us solemnly and said " I used
to play here as a child." (Sri Nannagaru saw Arunachala much later in
this life of his)

It was on rare occasions like these that he used to give glimpses of
his past lives.

He used to have his food always in Ramanashram.

He would keep me always by his side. He used to have a sugar box which
he used to sprinkle some sugar on his idly.

He would do the same for me in my plate. He would also pour coffee
from his cup into mine and asked me to drink it.

Thus he would shower me with Love and Affection. I used to cry seeing
his love for me.

Where were you all these years? Why were you so far away? Why did you
come in so late into my life? How could I miss you so long? How come I
am so impure and you are so pure?

Many such questions would run in my mind as I kept on crying.

My Atmananda experience had made it clear to me that Sri Nannagaru was
my everything. He was inside me and I had to attain him. He was mine.

The love he showered on me during those times would make other
attractions pale into insignificance.

Even if he was surrounded hundreds of devotees he would single me out
and shower his love.

It was extreme compassion. Even after leaving him and coming back to
Chidambaram I would be in his thoughts and would radiate happiness and
peace. My friends and teachers were so impressed by the changes they
saw in me that many of them subsequently visited and met Sri Nannagaru
and got his blessings.

Once in Tiruvannamalai I was with Sri Nannagaru doing Giripradakshina
in a devotees car.

I was looking at him with open eyed wonder and even though his face
was turned away from me he said suddenly

"Gopika! look at Arunachala not me."

I said ok but continued to look at him.

"Gopika look at Arunachala" he said again.

I nodded again but kept looking at him.

He turned and faced me now and said " Make Arunachala your pillar of
support. It will always be there. It is an Ocean of Grace, Bliss and
Peace. Karunodaya Samudram Aayana, If you see Him, you will develop
Love for Him."

I thought in my mind "You are enough Sri Nannagaru."


Thank you All!

Gopika is one of such profound devotees of Nannagaru who always wish to be in company of Nannagaru. She is near and dear to Nannagaru. Ever since she met Nannagaru, she has set the goal as him, and only him. Such pure devotion and love towards Guru is exemplary for any devotee.


  1. Gopika!I couldn't stop myself from loving you after knowing about your love for my Nannagaru.

  2. I agree with bindu's words..Ones Gurus devotee is more lovable than physical brother or sister.Similarly you are to us.Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful moments with nannagaru !
    I love these below lines because I even feel the same honestly though I am not really eligible:
    "Where were you all these years? Why were you so far away? Why did you
    come in so late into my life? How could I miss you so long? How come I
    am so impure and you are so pure?"

  3. paadaabhivandanamulu