Thursday, November 11, 2010

Self,God,Guru, all are same

Whether you say Self, God, Guru, all are the same. Bhagavan didn’t have a Guru in physical form. The Grace of Self as Guru gave him the death experience. In order to reveal to the world his knowledge in the immovable state, Arunachala granted Bhagavan his state. You should have devotion, respect, and proper faith in God. You should do your duty without disturbance.

All thoughts arise from the ego. Where there is doership, there is a result - good for good and bad for bad. If there is no doership, there won’t be anyone to experience so where then is the experience? Krishna told us to leave attachment, fear and anger. If we remember somebody a lot, it means we have attachment. We get misery due to attachment and also due to fear and anger.S

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