Sunday, June 6, 2021

Sadguru Nannagaru's glorious Silence description

As per the Indian tradition, the Guru bestows His Grace on His disciple in three forms: Firstly through sight, Secondly through words and Thirdly through touch. Bhagavan Ramana had transformed several lives through his sight. Sri Ramakrishna awakened several people through His words and touch. Today Sri Nannagaru is changing our lives through His Gracious sight which cannot be measured with these flesh made eyes. Unless your heart is filled with beauty, the beauty of that sight cannot be grasped. The origin of that sight lies where there are no words, where there is no mind and where the thoughts cannot travel. Such is the status of the Self. The beauty pertaining to Self is being handed over by Nannagaru through His Silence and sight. When Heart speaks with the Heart what is the need for words? Advaita is beyond words and has to be experienced only through Silence. Therefore a Jnani preaches His advatic experience only through Silence. The Glory of the Self is beyond the reach of language. The Sweetness of the Silence can be understood only by those whose hearts are purified and on whom Guru's Grace is working.


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