Sunday, June 13, 2021

Perform the task allotted by God willingly

Once a lady approached Sri Nannagaru and said: "I don't know why, but I was not able to treat my husband with respect from the very first day of my marriage. He is a good person, I have been serving him food and coffee mechanically. But recently I happened to read the magazine 'Ramana Bhaskara'. Therein was a sentence, 'Even though you may not like the task allotted to you by God, if you perform it willingly (putting aside your likes and dislikes) as it is allotted by God, you will get the result of performing japa and dhyana through that work.' Ever since I read this sentence, I started serving food and coffee to my husband willingly. Thereafter, I am feeling much happier than before. Even my husband seems to be happy." Sri Nannagaru said: "I was thinking of stopping the Ramana Bhaskara publication. But after listening to you, I now realize that it is of some use indeed. Now I shall drop the idea."


A person said very happily: "Nannagaru! I don't have any dispassion but all my desires are getting fulfilled effortlessly. Now I am very happy. I will get liberation also effortlessly." Sri Nannagaru did not get into an argument with that person but merely said: "You are much better than us". However after that person left, Sri Nannagaru said: "To date, nobody in this Universe has attained Self Knowledge without possessing dispassion." If you willingly perform the task allotted by God, you will get the result of doing Japa and Dhyana (meditation)

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