Sunday, December 6, 2020

Offerings transformed to Blessings

One day, many devotees flocked around Sri Nannagaru. Everyone was offering sweets and fruits to Sri Nannagaru. Suddenly he looked at one of the devotees gathered around him and asked – “Dear one! What are these called?”. The devotee was silent.

Sri Nannagaru later said - “These are called offerings!”

He took them and closed his eyes and the devotee stretched her arms to receive from Sri Nannagaru. He looked into her eyes and asked - “What are these called?”

Sri Nannagaru, looking compassionately, said - ”These are called blessings (prasadam)”

The inner essence was - “Whatever we may offer as an offering to him, he will purify, transform it and return it back to us in the form of blessings. Upon offering our “I” he will purify, bless and return it to us as the Self”.

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