Sunday, December 6, 2020

Avoid fire, debt and poison

One of the Ramana devotees has written this in his reminiscences: 'Bhagavan had the habit of going for a walk up the hill every morning and evening. One day I was all alone with Bhagavan when Bhagavan was descending down the hill. Bhagavan was walking very slowly. I didn't want to overtake Bhagavan. So out of reverence for Bhagavan, I followed him slowly. Then Bhagavan suddenly turned towards me and said: 'Recently your father met me. He said that you are spending excessively on unnecessary things and wasting money. Also that you are getting into debts in this process. (Normally Bhagavan doesn't speak out such worldly things to devotees. However, he spoke to this devotee out of extreme compassion) Remember that one has to avoid the following three: fire, debt and poison'. Having said this Bhagavan kept silent. Bhagavan usually talked very less.

The first one to avoid is fire. A tiny spark of fire neglected burns the entire house. Similarly, if you are careless in getting the electrical wires repaired, it will burn down even the very big buildings. Sometimes the cook may negligently throw out the fire on a stove without completely extinguishing it. If this falls on any bunch of grass, it can burn down tons of grass. The second thing to avoid is debt. Suppose you have a debt of say 1lakh rupees and you have cleared 90,000 out of it, the remnant 10,000 of debt if neglected and kept uncleared gets converted into a debt of 1 lakh again. You may be under an impression that you have cleared 90% of debt and left with only 10%. But this 10% again gets converted into 100% debt if neglected. The third thing to avoid is poison. If a little poison gets mixed in any of your curries, it either comes out in the form of motion or vomiting. However, if the poison mixed is excessive, it leads towards your death. There are several instances of people have died because of the fall of a lizard into their food. Similarly, a tiny drop of endrine when mixed with your coffee leads towards your death. So compared to fire and debt, poison is also equally dangerous.

Source: 5-2-2008 Tadinada

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