Monday, February 21, 2011

You will come to Advaita slowly but surely - (By Dr.Mithin)

After seeing the Powerful leela of Sri Nannagaru that day ( At the Sadguru's feet part 2) I waited with baited breath for Sri Nannagaru to finish his Sri Sailam Tour and return back to Hyderabad.

On his arrival in the city I immediately went to meet him the next day early morning for the satsang.

The devotees who had gathered there asked me to come and sit in front of the Guru's chair.

He talks superbly when you sit in fron of him, they said.

I nodded and sat down and looked at the door of Sri Nannagaru's room. He was coming slowly towards the chair.

On seeing me he gave a pleased smile and patted me on my shoulder I think.

He sat down and then his assistant came and gave oil massage to his feet for sometime.

All the while His feet were at the height of my head.

"Lord Nataraja!" I thought "Please subdue my ego"

The Feet of Sri Nanna coveted by Lord Anjaneya seemed to understand my prayer and remained for quite sometime near my head as the massage went on.

After the massage there was a silent satsang for some time.

Sri Nannagaru looked at me and said " Do you like Dvaitam or Advaitam?"

I said " I like both."

He nodded and said " You will come to Advaita slowly but surely."

Then Sri Nannagaru looked at me and siad " When one knows that everything that exists is just one's own Self, he realizes there is nothing to desire in another person or place. There is no coming or going for him. For where can he come to or where can he go to when everything is him alone? There is no heaven or hell for him. He alone is. Non profiting nor loosing. He then becomes Ihaparalabhaheena. A man who has no profit or loss, neither here nor there, for he alone is. Such a man becomes Silent. That was the state of Bhagawan. He saw Himself everywhere and in all. Such a man is free from virtue and sin."

I later realized that Sri Nannagaru had elaborated on the 93 or 94th verse of Aksharamanamalai of Bhagawan.

After this there was some silent satsang for sometime.

I was thinking in my mind "Oh my God! Its really happening! I have a Guru and he knows me...he knows me."

Waves of Peace flooded me from Sri Nannagaru's Gracious looks.

He kept staring at me and I could feel the peace.

I could feel the waves calming my mental restlessness.

I felt a wave rise in the left lobe of my brain, a thought about to form.

Immediately Sri Nannagaru looked into my left eye and left hemicerebrum.

The wave died.

He continued looking and I felt the peace tangibly.

Even in the most hell of a traffic I was Peace.

When the silent satsang ended Sri Nannagaru took me inside his room.

He gave me a book.

'Meditation and Spiritual Life' by Swami Yatishwarananda of Sri Ramakrishna Math.

He looked at me solemnly and said " You will realize Truth Mithin. You will have Self Realization" he gave a pregnant pause waiting for the words to sink into me and said fervently " this birth."

I absent mindedly prostrated to him and came out.

Dr.Mithin Aachi is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. He is a star-gazer, painter, and writer. He is an amalgamation of all kinds of arts and activities. He is a happy go lucky person, who just sees love in everything. From the very tender age, he had an quest to know the truth. He admires and worships Rama Krishna and believes Nannagaru is an avatar of Rama Krishna and worships him in this form. He is a simple person who is an embodiment of love.


  1. thanku for sharing.I feel equally happy.

  2. aachi!Nanna calls him Acharya.