Thursday, February 17, 2011

Self (Aatma) is infinite

# Even though the electric current is invisible, can we doubt its existence? Similarly we cannot doubt the existence of self (Aatman) though it is not visible. The bulb glows only when it is attached to an electric wire. Incarnations like Rama and Krishna took birth only to manifest the power of self (Aatman), but don’t limit the self (Aatman) to their bodies. If we attach current wire to 100 watts bulb it will emit light accordingly, if we attach to 1000 watts bulb it will emit light accordingly, does the current wire have any limits? Similarly the strength of self (Aatman) is infinite and it doesn’t have any boundaries.

# Prarabdha Karma (Destiny) is limited to body and mind and is in no way related to the self (Aatman). The sun is the witness for all our activities. When our karma (actions) doesn’t affect the physical sun, how can it touch the Atman (self) which makes the physical sun, shine? Except the self (Aatman), everything else is gross. We may be yearning for self-realization but the self (Aatman) is more eager than us for being revealed.

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