Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Guru chooses us" - (By NDas)

I met Sri Nannagaru for the first time in my teenage.But as Nannagaru says'Teenage is the worst age';A sudden struggle started in my life, perphaps it was hormonal imbalance which is very common in that age. I visited various mahatmas and Ramakrishna math to seek solace but didnot get the required peace.I didnot share my state of mind with anyone at home. One day my mother said that a mahatma who is a devotee of Bhagawan Ramana is going to visit a nearby house.I asked her the name of the Mahatma. She replied as Nannagaru. I was expecting the name to end with some ananda but was surprised and infact also laughed within myself hearing such name.However the name Bhagawan Ramana aroused interest in me to see this mahatma. I never read about Bhagawan Ramana but I remember my mother showing me his photo in my childhood and so I had great reverence for him unknowingly.Finally we reached the house and waited in a room filled with few people for nearly half an hour.

Nannagaru came out of his room and sat in a sofa.I did not feel anything special about him. He was looking very very simple. As I already visited few mahatmas perphaps swamijis, I expected a similar kind of thing here but it wasnt the same for much of my disappointment. After 5 minutes, he started drinking coffee. I felt I am wasting my time. But suddenly a deep silence overcame me which I never experienced before. I could feel a very great inner peace indescribable in words for which I have been struggling throughout.Then Nannagaru chatted with people around asking them about their sadhana. I remember one devotee asking a question about Sri Ramakrishna. I dont remember the question exactly but I remember Nannagaru answering " Even Ramakrishna attained the same Self(pointing to the right side of His chest). This was a stunning reply for me.

I used to feel Ramakrishna paramahamsa is my guru and there can be none on this earth equivalent to him. But this reply of Nannagaru surprised me.Somehow after spending nearly 2 hrs, the time has come to depart.I wasnot bold enough to introduce myself. Also I didnt feel the need to talk with Nannagaru.But somehow I felt that I should prostrate to Him.Many people were prostrating and taking leave of Him. He was Blessing them in chinmudra of Dakshinamurhty with one hand(even this surprised me as I rarely saw any mahatma blessing so vividly till then). He was not looking at me when I wanted to prostrate.I mentally prayed to Him thus:"I may not deserve salvation but atleast I must get rid of my lust in this very birth".

Praying thus I prostrated to Him not expecting Him to look at me. But when I got up, to my wonder of wonders, I saw Him Blessing me with Both the Hands(placing his both the hands on his chest and again Blessing in chinmudra); Perphaps an indication that I belonged to Him and I neednot worry.This was my first experience.
I heard a lot about the importance of having a Guru and getting initiated by the guru in the Ramakrishna Math.

So I felt I should get initiated in the RK Math. One day I approached the RK math and asked for initiation.

I was shown a list of conditions to be fulfilled to get initiated there.It included reading few books of Sri Ramakrishna. I told them that I started reading but could not complete the book. They replied me that I can complete the book and come back for getting initiated.I felt very sad. I had enough faith to get initiated but still they were pressing for book reading. I had three choices for Guru then: Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna Math, Swami Chidananda of Divine Life Society and Sri Nannagaru. I felt all the three were equally great. But I felt as Nannagaru was most accessible I should get initiated by Him.But I get laughter when I think of this now.It is the Guru who chooses us and not we who choose the Guru.Some how I made my decision to ask Nannagaru for initiation. I had great faith that Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is a Divine Incarnation. Those words of Sri Ramakrishna," The One who is SriRama and the One who is SriKrishna, not as per your advaita, He is this Ramakrishna" built up this faith in me. Oneday I asked Nannagaru for initiation. He gave a big smile (divine smile) and asked me," who is your favourite God?" I replied Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa but requested Him to give that which is good for me. Then to my wonder of wonders, Nannagaru repeated the same words,"Sri Ramakrishna used to say, the One who is SriRama and the One who is SriKrishna, not as per your advaita, He is this Ramakrishna."Nannagaru asked me to do SriKrishna mantra which ofcourse I did for a day or two only. But however this initiation concluded my quest for the Guru.

Thank you for your inspiring experience. It is so true that Guru chooses his devotees, rather than the opposite. He just waits for the right time to ripen for the interaction and initiation.

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  1. The same Sri Ramakrishna is now Sri Nannagaru...and not in the Vedantic sense. :)