Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The self (Aatma) is the true Arunachala

# The self (Aatman) that is shining within us is much brighter than millions of suns put together. It is not visible to these eyes which are just made of flesh. To realize the self (Aatman), one needs goodness, patience, humility and faith. As the sun is hidden by the clouds, the self (Aatman) is covered by the cloud named ego. Only those who can kill their ego when their body is still alive can obtain self-realization.

# The self (Aatman) is the true Arunachala. The self (Aatman) is deathless, hence every man wants immortality. The self (Aatman) is ever free, hence every man wants freedom. The self (Aatman) is embodiment of love, hence every man loves himself. The self is embodiment of all happiness hence every man thrives for happiness always. The self (Aatman) is not sorrow, hence everyman doesn’t desire for sorrow.

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