Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You are Aatma (Self)

# Your nature is self (Aatma). Your nature is itself God. Your nature is itself the Kundalini Shakti and the kingdom of heaven as proclaimed by Christ. There is neither beauty nor truth higher than that of self. After you taste the bliss of self, even if your ishta daiva (favorite God) stands in front of you, you will not have a desire to look at him, such is the glory of the self.

# The self that is shining within your heart is the only truth. There is no God higher than the truth. There is no religion higher than the truth. There is no nation higher than the truth. The self (Aatman) has the power to enslave your senses, your mind and your destiny. But, are you wholeheartedly having a desire for self (Aatman)? Is it not true that only when you desire that, self (Aatman) reveals itself?

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