Saturday, January 8, 2011

"All is Nanna, Nanna is All" - (By Devotees)

“O my father, you are the saviour of so many devotees
Please do also accept us and be our saviour”

Neither am I the great saint sabari, to wait for you endlessly, nor Radha with eternal patience,

I am a commoner in this vicious cycle of samsara(The endless cycle of birth and death), be my saviour by relenting the devotion of Sabari and eternal love of Radha.
“O my Father”

Neither am I the “Tyagayya” to be able to praise your goodness nor “Meera” to sing & dance in sheer bliss for you with pure devotion.

Please do bless us with the devotional bliss of Tyagayya and Meera as we are trapped in world of desire and anger.
“O my Father”

Neither am I the most learned as “Jayadeva” nor “Vemana” whose ‘mind was quiescent’(Vairagyam).

Please do give us the joy of the divinity of the humble knowledge of Vemana and Jayadeva as we live in the ignorance of proudness of our ego.
“O my Father”

Neither am I the great devotee as “Ramadasu” to suffer karma as your blessings nor the blind poet “Surdas” to worship you.

O my father make us learn to surrender to you as Ramadasu and Surdas , as we are only filled with jealousy and hate.
“O my Father”

To just be in the divine presence of my grace, my master Sadguru Sri Nanna Bhagavan of Arunachala Ramana. All is Nanna, Nanna is all.
so humane and complete,
so kind and lender,
so generous and joyful,
so lovely and wonderful
so simple, silent and still,
so heartful and beautiful,
so virtuous and committed,
so kingly and graceful,
so benign and sagacious,
so on and on and on and on ...................

Guru Bramha Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara Guru Sakshath Parabramha Tasmayeesri Gurave Namah .

All is Nanna, Nanna is All.

Every moment let all of us affirm to throw our little ( i ) self at the feet of my grace Sadguru Sri Nanna Bhagavan of Arunachala Ramana. Who is the ultimate and the Real - i.

The Parabhramhan, the Paramathman. who lives in our heart. That Place is the heavenly kingdom of god. Which is our real home, live there.

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