Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guru is the real Mahatma

# He, who takes you closer towards inner self, is the real Guru. Do not restrict Guru to a body. He is the only means who will protect us from the vicious circle of birth and death.

# By mere looking at whom your mind is introverted is the real Mahatma, he is the real Guru. The first task, the middle task and the last task that the Guru does for you is introverting your mind. One who leaves the self and talks other things is not a Guru but a demon (Rakshasa).

# Guru, out of grace can remove various past tendencies within a second, which you were unable to do since several births. There is nothing equal to Guru’s grace in this world. There might exist several Gurus in this world but if a self-realized soul (jnani) becomes your Guru, he will certainly lead you to your goal (Self-realization).

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