Friday, January 14, 2011

"I" and "mine" are Big Stones

# “I” and “mine” are two big stones that cannot be removed without Guru’s help. “I” implies ahamkara (ego) and “mine” implies mamakara (that belongs to me) As long as this ‘kara’ exists, man cannot become pure and cannot go beyond nature.

# The help that you receive from Guru internally is immeasurable. Guru’s grace works much more than your self-efforts. It is Guru alone who accompanies you throughout your births and protects you. You don’t know the address of your Guru, but Guru knows your address wherever you are and whatever may be your birth. Guru never leaves you until your goal (Self-realization) is reached.

# Though the outer Guru is false, but is still required. If God gets angry with us, it is only Guru who can protect us but if Guru Gets angry with us, even God cannot protect us. Only polite people can listen to the Guru. Is it not that only when we listen, we come to know what needs to be obtained?

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